The Inheritance Guide

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A simple way to unlock probate

How it all works

What you need

In order to complete this section you will need to have to hand some of the deceased’s details, including:

  • Last known address
  • National Insurance Number
  • Passport Number
  • Death Certificate
  • Deceased’s Will or family details
  • Date of marriage if appropriate

When asked about the deceased’s date of death, this refers to the date as stipulated on the death certificate.

You will need this information for the government forms in order to apply for Probate. The date of death is needed to determine the inheritance tax allowance for the deceased. This is known as their nil-rate band. Without this you will not be able to apply for Probate.

Is there a Will?

If you don’t know whether the deceased left a will there are a number of places you can check to see if it has been stored.

You should check:

  • the person’s paperwork at home
  • with their solicitor
  • with their bank
  • companies that offer the storage of wills - you can search online
  • the Principal Registry of the Family Division

Solicitors, banks and will storage companies need proof of the death (the medical or death certificate) and proof that you’re the executor named in the will.

When there is no Will…

Do not worry if there is no will, there are rules for deciding who will inherit the estate. It depends on the deceased's personal circumstances.

Use the following link to work out who can inherit. This will help you complete the questions asked about an estate without a Will:

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