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A simple way to unlock probate

Apply for probate with The Inheritance Guide - explained in 2 Minutes

Apply for probate with The Inheritance Guide's free online system.

Here is an overview of the main stages in applying for probate using The Inheritance Guide's simple to use, no-cost, secure probate website.

We will introduce you to your Control Hub where will find everything here you need to apply for Probate.

The deceased details section.

Here, you enter information about the deceased. This is also captures information about the deceased’s Will or Intestacy if there is no Will. This information is needed for the PA1 form as well as working out any exemptions for the estate when you apply for probate.

Key People.

This section is where you enter the beneficiaries, executors and next of kin of the deceased. This information is again required when you apply for probate

Assets and Liabilities.

In this section you enter the assets and liabilities that belonged to the deceased. When you apply for probate it is important to provide a value of the estate which will be used to determine whether any tax is to be paid. This includes all sole assets and jointly held assets.

Nil Rate Band - Predeceased spouse.

When you apply for probate the size of the estate may rise above the IHT threshold (estate allowance before inheritance tax is considered) of the deceased. If applicable, this is the section where you enter details of the spouse of the deceased, who died first. Any unused IHT allowance can be used to offset any potential inheritance tax liability.

Probate forms.

Now you are ready!

Click on this section and the system will work out the correct probate forms for you to apply for probate, and populate then in a matter of minutes.

You will then print off the forms and then send your forms to your local Probate Registry.

Probate received.

Once you’ve received the Grant of probate, you can go into this section and take the final steps to completion.

Estate summary.

This section provides a statement on the deceased and their estate. Useful when you want to view everything on a page or print off to distribute to other beneficiaries.

Please be patient this can take a few minutes, we are processing your information and populating the relevant forms.