The Inheritance Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is probate?

  2. Who do I need to inform when someone dies?

  3. What is a Personal Representative?

  4. What does the Personal Representative do?

  5. What is a Grant of Representation?

  6. Deed of Variation?

  7. Unlisted shares ?

  8. When do I need to apply for a Grant of Representation?

  9. When can I apply for a Grant of Representation?

  10. How do I apply for a Grant of Representation or Probate?

  11. Do I need to pay inheritance tax?

  12. How much is the Inheritance Tax threshold?

  13. Are there any time limits on payment of Inheritance Tax?

  14. How do I register a death?

  15. How do I find a Will?

  16. What happens if there is no Will?

  17. Can the Will ever be invalid?

  18. How do I identify important paperwork?

  19. How do I value an estate?

  20. Where can I find the various forms I need to fill out?

  21. Is probate or letters of administration always needed?

  22. How can we pay for the funeral?

  23. Does a Solicitor need to be instructed?

  24. How much does probate cost?

  25. How long does it take to obtain probate and administer the estate?

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