The Inheritance Guide

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A simple way to unlock probate


  1. Welcome to The Inheritance Guide

  2. Drop in Solicitor Applications

  3. Wills

  4. Charity

  5. Will and Grant of Representation

  6. How to close an account

  7. Transferring a nil-rate band

  8. Step 1 preparing for probate with the inheritance guide

  9. Step 2 applying for the grant of probate with the inheritance guide

  10. Step 3 after probate with the inheritance guide

  11. Increase in diy probate applications

  12. Importance in having a will

  13. Customers take back control

  14. DIY probate continues to grow

  15. What happens when someone dies

  16. Probate Forms

  17. DIY estate planning reaches all-time high as consumers take matters into their own hands

  18. What is a Grant of Representation and how do you apply for it?

  19. Managing a deceased persons property

  20. What is Grant of Probate?

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