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About Our Service

Over 90,000 people each year choose to administer probate themselves. Our free online service unlocks the professional secrets of probate saving the cost of solicitor’s fees, which are typically between 2-3% of the value of the estate (for example on a £300,000 estate you could save up to £9,000).

Probate doesn’t have to be complicated, nor does it require specialist knowledge – everything you need is provided for you on this website. The Inheritance Guide is the first company to support the DIY market free of charge. We have developed a clever online system that breaks down estate administration into simple, bite size chunks. This enables you to unlock Probate at your convenience and benefit from the support of our website.

In addition to Probate we provide customers with choice, support and guidance on a wide range of estate management processes including disposal of assets, Will writing, inheritance and later life planning. We deliver this by teaming up with reputable, trusted partners who are on hand to provide these services if and when you need them. This is simply how we make our money, through arrangements with these partner companies, who are available to you on a no obligation basis.

We ensure that our system and services are fully compliant with UK probate law and our business dealings are carried out with the highest ethical and legal standards.

Corporate Social Responsibility

To help our customers understand our business ethos we firmly believe that corporate success and social welfare are interdependent. We know how valuable our services are and initially planned to charge a direct fee of £250 for using our system, but instead we have chosen to waive this fee. We hope and believe that our customers will appreciate the free services and in return will consider making a donation to their chosen charity through the links on our website. As only 12% of all money donated to the charity sector comes from inheritance funds, we are committed to raising the importance of legacy giving to charities.

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