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Forum > UK housing market showing signs of recovery > Countrywide enjoys strongest performance since 2007
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28-Aug-2013 14:33:53
Countrywide enjoys strongest performance since 2007

It is not just Countrywide who have been experiencing these positive changes, the market as a whole is becoming stronger. House prices have lifted by 0.9pc month on month. This may only seem like a small amount, however, this increase has occurred 6 months in a row indicating steady growth. In fact, a survey conducted by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors stated that prices are rising at their fastest rate since November 2006. This rise in property values extends further than UK hotpots. In the past, figures on rising house prices have been deceptive, they can often seem high, but this is caused by fast growth in hotspots, like London and the South East, as opposed to the country as a whole. The good news is that the largest rise in activity was in the West Midlands and north-east England.

But, what has brought about this growth in the market? One explanation is that buyers increased confidence in the market which has led to greater housing demand. It may also be as a result of government initiatives coming in to effect. The government introduced new schemes which were designed to give house buyers easier access to loans, for example Funding for Lending and First Buy.
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