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27-Aug-2013 14:46:27
The 1st steps in dealing with the property

Part of your role as an executor is to look after the property and its assets. Here are some ways in which you can ensure it is maintained:

• Notify the home insurer of the death. Insurance is a good way of ensuring the property is looked after. If there is already a policy in place, it is sensible to maintain it. Make sure to follow any conditions attached to the policy in order for it to remain valid. If there is no policy in place you should take one out immediately.
• Visit the property regularly to check on its condition. In cold weather, pipes run the risk of freezing so you might want to leave the heating on at a low heat or drain the system to avoid this.
• A vacant house is at a greater risk of burglary. Take any valuable items and store them in a safe place. It is best to bring a witness with you to make a record of any items moved in order to avoid any allegations made against you if anything goes missing.
• Redirect mail using the Royal Mail’s redirection service.
• Cancel any regular deliveries e.g. milk or papers.
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