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27-Aug-2013 14:44:44
Private pensions, company pensions and life insurance policies

If the deceased had a private pension, a lump sum may be due.

If the deceased had an occupational, company or private pension, death-in-service benefit, or life insurance policy you should write to the providers enclosing a copy of the death certificate asking for a calculation of the final statement and who is has been named as beneficiary as this will determine whether any lump sums payable to the estate and therefore in need of Probate. There may also be an underpayment due to the estate. If the policy has been written in trust for someone else it can usually be paid out to that person straightaway. Otherwise it will form a part of the deceased’s estate and must be declared on the probate forms. Funds of this kind are sometimes paid directly from the policy companies to a mortgage provider or creditor.
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