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27-Aug-2013 14:40:49
Things to consider

The executor of an estate is responsible for the deceased’s household items and personal property. Prepare a detailed inventory of all the personal and household items.

If the deceased has a surviving spouse, the personal and household items may be staying in place after the deceased’s death, except items the deceased specifically bequeaths (leaves by will) to others. If the deceased has no surviving spouse and the house needs to be cleared, you still need to list and document everything and set aside anything of real value for later valuation.

If you’re familiar with the contents of the house before taking inventory, you may want to obtain a recent valuation guide to gain some idea of the value of what you’re looking at. If you know that the house contains items of great value, consider contacting one of our antique dealers or auctioneer with you to help sort out what has value.

Family members or others may be faced with the task of organising the clearance of the deceased’s house.

If there is no will, the personal representatives do technically have authority to clear the house before the grant of representation has been obtained.

Many personal representatives take a practical stance, and proceed with clearing the house without a grant.
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