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Debts owed by the deceased
Credit cards, bills, overdraft, loan, outstanding debt It is important to get in to contact with all of these companies in order to request a final statement. Any outstanding debts should be entered into the probate forms and settled from the estate when ... 0 0 1078
Council Tax Inform your local authority of the death, Council Tax will stop being charged from the date of the death. If someone is still living in the property, let the council know. If they are living by thems... 0 0 1063
Household bills, such as, water, gas, electricity, phone Get in contact with all service providers in order to request a final account. Remember to cancel all direct debits to these providers. Or, if services need to be maintained then transfer direct debit... 0 0 1031
Residential care/Nursing home fees It is a common misconception that if the value of a person’s assets exceeds £23,000 they must pay for their care themselves. This is often not the case, in particular if their primary need for being i... 0 0 1032
Mortgage Start proceedings by writing to the deceased’s mortgage provider informing them of the death. In this letter include the deceased’s name, address, mortgage account number and a death certificate. It ... 0 0 1014
Deduct any Debts owed by the deceased The deceased debts and liabilities should also be considered when valuing the estate. Establish the extent of these by making a list. This total will then be deducted from the deceased’s assets. Are... 0 0 1059
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