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Ademption If a gift, left in the Will, no longer remains in the deceased’s estate, it is known as an ademption. This may be as a result of sale, loss or destruction of the item. If no suitable replacement has... 0 0 1195
Varying the Will or Intestacy Rules Changes can be made to the Will by the testator throughout their lifetime. However, after their death beneficiaries can still make changes to the Will through employing a Deed of Variation, this is a ... 0 0 972
Payment of Legacies in the Will Pecuniary Legacies A pecuniary legacy is a gift of money left under a Will. The executor is given a year from the date of death in order to distribute pecuniary legacies to beneficiaries. If it is no... 0 0 1124
Locating the Will The Will, or evidence of where the Will is kept, should be found in the deceased’s belongings; this is a good place to start when looking for it. A Will storage service is offered by solicitors and ba... 0 0 988
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