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Beneficiary - Unsound Mind • Any gift to someone who is judged to be of unsound mind must be entrusted with either their appointed deputy or an attorney working on their behalf. 0 0 1257
Beneficiary - Bankruptcy • No payments can be made from the estate to people or organisations that are bankrupt. This includes any gifts to beneficiaries and debts to creditors. In order to avoid doing this, it is the respons... 0 0 977
Beneficiary - Life interest • A life interest is when someone has an interest in a property which lasts for the rest of their lives. A spouse or civil partner can opt to request a lump sum as opposed to an interest in the proper... 0 0 965
Beneficiary - Minor • If a beneficiary is under 18 the gift can only be distributed to them or their parents if specified within the Will. If this specification has not been made, the Personal Representative must keep th... 0 0 1094
Varying the Will or Intestacy Rules Changes can be made to the Will by the testator throughout their lifetime. However, after their death beneficiaries can still make changes to the Will through employing a Deed of Variation, this is a ... 0 0 997
Claims made against the estate Sometimes, it is necessary to make a claim against an estate. One situation where this can be the case is when a couple are not married or in a civil partnership. This is because they do not hold the... 0 0 933
Entitlement to state benefits The bereaved spouse or civil partner can be entitled to benefits. These are available when the deceased person paid National Insurance contributions. The surviving partners own contributions to Nation... 0 1 1039
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