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Deceased Details
What to do if there isn’t a Will When there is no Will attached to an estate this creates a legal situation called ‘intestacy.’ This can be the case when: • The deceased has not left a Will • The Will is invalid • The deceased ... 1 1 990
Advertising for Creditors A ‘creditor’ is anyone to whom the deceased owed money to. The executor must demonstrate that all reasonable efforts have gone in to finding creditors. This is very simple to do but an important measu... 0 1 1017
Notify Government departments Tell Us Once lets you report a death to most of the government organisations you need to tell in one go - you can use it online, over the phone or face-to-face. 0 2 1041
Junk mail Receiving unwanted junk mail addressed to a loved one after they have died is both insensitive and annoying. It is, however, relatively straightforward to stop. All you need to do is complete a short ... 2 1 1070
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