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Assets & Liabilities
Is there a limit to the number of Assets than can be listed? I can't input more than 10 Is there a limit to the number of Assets than can be listed? I can't input more than 10 0 0 413
Question Do we need to declare capital that was held in joint accounts that were in my mother and late father's joint names. 0 1 948
Has there been an overpayment of income tax? If the deceased was still in work at the time of death, quite often a tax rebate is due. This is a repayment of any overpaid tax in the year the death occurred. In order to make a claim simply fill o... 5 2 1197
Income Tax Income tax is applicable to the deceased’s estate according to the tax year in which income is received. • Obtain and complete HMRC form R27 for the estate if the deceased paid income tax. This for... 0 0 1351
Capital gains after death Any gains made by the estate will also be liable for tax during the period of administration from the date of death to the end of the distribution of the estate. If the deceased’s assets are sold for ... 0 0 1018
Capital gains up to the date of death If the deceased has realised any assets in the tax year in which the death occurs, then details of these must be included on the deceased’s income tax return up to the date of death. Pay any tax due f... 0 0 1017
Dealing with capital gains tax and income tax Capital gains tax is only applicable if it exceeds the set amount of exemption within a tax year (in 2011/12 this amount is £10,600). 0 0 1041
Finding the money to pay Inheritance Tax Often there are no funds readily available to pay Inheritance Tax. This is because Inheritance Tax must be paid before applying for a Grant, but assets are only released upon receiving the Grant (it ... 0 0 1142
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