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Ownership The property has a 20% equity against it do I put its value at 20% less than retail value 0 0 1025
What % owned do I put for the property when it is a Joint Tenancy status as surely it is 100% owned by both parties jointly? As above - I'm not sure how to answer the percentage that the deceased owned the property when it was jointly owned under joint tenants status with myself? 0 0 920
Ownership types Sole ownership This refers to any property owned by one person. When this person dies, it will be inherited by a person in the Will or under the laws of intestacy. This can be done by completing an... 0 0 1029
Property and land valuation When providing a value of land and buildings, for Inheritance Tax and probate purposes, it should be the ‘open market value’. This is the amount that you could reasonably expect to receive. This is d... 0 0 1035
The 1st steps in dealing with the property Part of your role as an executor is to look after the property and its assets. Here are some ways in which you can ensure it is maintained: • Notify the home insurer of the death. Insurance is a g... 0 0 1010
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