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Life insurance
Changing the beneficiary through the Will An insured cannot change the beneficiary designation by a provision in his will. The person named as beneficiary in an insurance policy will receive the insurance money no matter what is stated in a w... 0 0 966
Life insurance requiring Probate On the other hand, if the estate of the person who died is the named beneficiary of the insurance policy or if no beneficiary was chosen, the insurance money becomes part of the estate and it must go ... 0 0 982
Does the Insurance need to go through Probate? The money that is paid out from life insurance polices to beneficiaries on the death of the insured may not require Probate. This depends on who is named as the beneficiary insurance policy. If an ind... 0 0 998
Life insurance and employer benefits valuation For life insurance policies and employer benefits such as ‘death in service’, enquire if they are held in trust, to be paid into the estate, or if the deceased nominated specific beneficiaries. 0 0 986
Life Insurance Insurers recognise the amount of paperwork involved following a death and have therefore made the process of making a claim simple. Get in touch with the insurance company and let them know your inte... 0 0 976
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