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A simple way to unlock probate

Welcome to The Inheritance Guide

We offer free, step-by-step guidance in all areas of probate and estate planning. In this series of blogs we shall quickly walk through how the probate process works and how our system has been designed to make this as easy as possible for the user.

Before we dip into the process lets explain what is meant by ‘Probate’; Most executors require a ‘Grant of Probate’ - obtained from HMRC - which provides them with the authority to disburse an estate. This is used by the banks of the deceased, for example, of proof to release these funds

In order to obtain the Grant a number of forms need to be filled in with the appropriate details of the deceased – and in some cases the executor will need to attend an interview with HMRC. The Grant is typically required where the assets of the estate are between £15k and £20k (there is no set limit because each institution can set their own threshold)

Our system provides you with a control hub – a small number of tiles that simplify the probate process breaking it down into bite size chunks. Each of these tiles represents a step in the journey covering steps to take before probate is obtained, the application for the Grant of probate, and what to do afterwards. - a simple way to unlock probate

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