The Inheritance Guide

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A simple way to unlock probate

Step 2 - Applying for the Grant of Probate with the Inheritance Guide

Welcome back to our series of blogs explaining the probate process and how the Inheritance Guide makes this a simple and easy process to navigate. This is the second step in the process where you have already gathered and input the required information as set out in our earlier blog

We pick up at the control hub and select ‘Probate Forms’ which presents the user with the appropriate forms to download and print. This is where the system comes into its own. Behind the scenes it takes all the information that has been entered and assimilates it into the appropriate HMRC forms. In one stroke this completely removes the hassle of trying to determine which forms are needed to be completed and then which parts of the appropriate forms should be completed - and with what information

The user then prints these off and submits them to HMRC. Once these are received and returned by HMRC you will be required to attend an interview to physically obtain the Grant.

Once obtained you can enter the date at the bottom of the tile and move on to the final step - a simple way to unlock probate

Please be patient this can take a few minutes, we are processing your information and populating the relevant forms.