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Step 3 – After Probate with the Inheritance Guide

Welcome back to the last in our series of blogs explaining the probate process and how the Inheritance Guide makes this a simple and easy process to navigate.

In our last blog we explained the application process for probate. Once you have obtained the Grant of Probate we move on to the ‘Probate Received’ tile in the control hub which explains that you now have the authority to collect the assets of the estate (such as savings balances), sell the estate assets (such as property), pay any debts owed by the estate and then disburse the estate in accordance with the Will. In order to collect assets you will be required to send a copy of the Grant of Probate to the institutions (the bank of the deceased for example) as proof of authority. Our system again provides helpful template letters that you can use in this part of the process.

In undertaking the process you may have incurred expenses such as valuation fees that can be recovered from the estate. This section enables you to record these expenses.

The final piece of the probate process is to obtain formal estate accounts. Whilst the executor can do this themselves we would strongly recommend that these are drawn up by a professional – due to the risks in this part of the process for which the executor could be held liable. We would recoomend Hugh James - a specialist in probate administration and estate accounts. - a simple way to unlock probate

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