The Inheritance Guide

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A simple way to unlock probate

Step 1 – Preparing for Probate with the Inheritance Guide

The first three tiles of our control hub relate to information gathering. First you will need to gather information about the deceased. This includes standard personal information such as data of birth, whether the person was married etc. You will also need to input details of the will - if there is one – if there is no will different rules may apply but you can still obtain the Grant of Probate (or is this grant of representation).

Based on this information you will then need to complete the ‘Key People’ tab, which holds the details of any beneficiaries (including the proposed allocation of the estate) and executors

Alongside a user friendly interface to input this information - our system provides helpful tips and support, explaining industry terminology in plain English, providing a ‘What you will need’ link for each section, and explaining why information is required

The final step in the preparation phase is our tile entitled ‘Assets and Liabilities’. This is where you add the details of the estate assets such as property, cash and shares. Again our guidance explains when a valuation will be required and how to go about getting one. In addition there are a number of template letters that you can use to help.

As you begin to enter the information our system will recognize if there are any appropriate further services that you may require and highlight these in the central tile of the control Hub – entitled ‘Suggested Services’. As The Inheritance Guide does not provide ‘advice’ We have teamed up with a three blue chip organisations who can provide this when required. These are the Pru, an expert in financial asset management and estate planning, Countrywide, the largest estate agency group in the UK comprising 36 local brands, and Hugh James, a top 100 law firm. - a simple way to unlock probate

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