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DIY Probate continues to grow driven by disenchantment with legal services

When someone dies executors have a choice between administering the estate themselves (DIY Probate) or using a solicitor. Whilst the majority of Probate cases is still undertaken by high street solicitors the market landscape is changing.

According to the ONS Deaths reached a just over half a million in 2013, the first time this has happened since 2008, however this is a small increase of 1.5% on 2012. This is expected to remain reasonably flat over the medium term.

Of these deaths just over half require Probate (the process of obtaining authority to disburse an estate). Probate is only required where the value of the assets is above a certain value which differs according to different asset holders.

Anecdotally thresholds beyond which probate is required have been relaxed over recent years although this has not been borne out in the proportion of probate applications which have also remained broadly flat.

Of the 255k probate applications in 2013 just under 100k of these were done on a DIY basis – rising from 32% (2007) to 38% (2013). This trend is expected to continue as more customers have the information and control to seek value for money – indeed in Probate ranked lowest of all legal services in this category.

The Inheritance Guide is there to support the increasing number of people who wish to undertake the process themselves. There is no charge for the guide and where professional advice is appropriate we have teamed up with the following blue chip organisations Countrywide, Prudential, and Hugh James, who are all experts in their respective fields.

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