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The Importance of Legacy Giving

Six out of ten in the UK do not believe it’s important in the UK to give money to charity in their wills and of the remaining 4 only 1 actually leaves a gift. From a charity’s perspective legacy giving is an important source of funding. According to the institute of fundraising only a 4% increase on those that leave a gift would provide a further £1bn for good causes each year

So why should more people consider legacy giving? Two main reasons, firstly, from a more philanthropic perspective, you will have the satisfaction that you have supported your charity in the future. Secondly and more pragmatically charitable giving can be used to reduce your inheritance tax burden.

The Inheritance Guide recognizes the importance that legacy giving can play through its partnership with Cancer Research UK, and instead of charging a fee for their online probate guidance service, encourages users to donate to a charity instead. Additionally The Inheritance Guide has teamed up with Hugh James LLP, a top 100 law firm, that specializes in will writing services.

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