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Apply for probate at no charge to you
No charge to you
Apply for probate – you control the process
You control the process
All probate forms are automatically completed for you
All probate forms are automatically completed for you
Helpful tips and support when applying for probate
Helpful tips and support
Helpful tips and support when applying for probate
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Three simple steps...

Simply enter the details of the executor(s), the deceased (including their assets and liabilities) and any beneficiaries. The executors and beneficiaries can check the progress at any time

Our system calculates and populates the probate forms you need for the Grant of Probate and recommends any services you may need for estate planning and administration

Once you have the Grant of Probate, our system helps you manage the disbursements and suggests appropriate advisory services to help you accurately and efficiently distribute the estate

Saving money

Join the thousands of people each year who are saving money by administering their loved ones' estates themselves.

Through only three simple steps we guarantee to correctly guide you through the process and provide all of the necessary documentation you need.

You can do it yourself

You don’t need professional legal help when applying for probate, you can do it yourself, and we’ll be with you every step of the way – guaranteed.

Most people haven’t administered an estate before, that’s why The Inheritance Guide was set up – to make a daunting prospect easy at a time when you need some support.

Professional services

We don’t charge for taking you through the probate process but you can make a voluntary donation to a charity of your choice when you’re finished.

We’ve teamed up with some well respected names in property, finance and the legal profession who can provide professional services if you need them.

Who we work with


Countrywide is the UK's largest and most successful estate agency and property services Group.

Covering the length and breadth of the UK, Countrywide estate and letting agents are accessible to all UK home movers. With approximately 1,300 offices operating under 46 local high street brands, Countrywide prides itself on providing national exposure for its clients’ sale and rental properties. Despite its size, the award winning Group never loses sight of the importance of local knowledge and each of its agents have unrivalled expertise within their locality, providing expert guidance and first class customer service.

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redstone wills

Redstone Wills is one of the leading Will writing companies in the UK with over 250,000 satisfied customers and with over 75,000 customer Wills held in our secure storage facility.

Having a Will in place is one of the most important things you can do in life to ensure your family and friends inherit from your estate as you intended.

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hugh james

Hugh James is a long-established Top 100 firm of around 550 people, including 44 partners, and offer our clients – who range from private individuals to multinational corporations, financial institutions, public bodies and not-for-profit organisations – the range, strength and depth of expertise they need.

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Useful news and information

Apply for probate with The Inheritance Guide - explained in 2 Minutes.

Apply for probate with The Inheritance Guide's free online system.

Here is an overview of the main stages in applying for probate using The Inheritance Guide's simple to use, no-cost, secure probate website.

We will introduce you to your Control Hub where you will find everything here you need to apply for Probate.

The deceased details section.

Here, you enter information about the deceased. This also captures information about the deceased’s Will or Intestacy if there is no Will. This information is needed for the PA1 form as well as working out any exemptions for the estate when you apply for probate.

Key People.

This section is where you enter the beneficiaries, executors and next of kin of the deceased. This information is again required when you apply for probate

Assets and Liabilities.

In this section you enter the assets and liabilities that belonged to the deceased. When you apply for probate it is important to provide a value of the estate which will be used to determine whether any tax is to be paid. This includes all sole assets and jointly held assets.

Nil Rate Band - Predeceased spouse.

When you apply for probate, the size of the estate may rise above the IHT threshold of the deceased – the estate allowance before inheritance tax is considered. If applicable, this is the section where you enter details of the spouse who died before the deceased. Any unused IHT allowance for the predeceased spouse can be used to offset any potential inheritance tax liability.

Probate forms.

Now you are ready!

Click on this section and the system will work out the correct probate forms for you to apply for probate, and will automatically populate them in a matter of minutes.

You will then print off the forms and then send your forms to your local Probate Registry.

Probate received.

Once you’ve received the Grant of probate, you can go into this section and take the final steps to completion.

Estate summary.

This section provides a statement on the deceased and their estate. Useful when you want to view everything on a page or print off to distribute to other beneficiaries.

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